Getting the Logitech G920 working on macOS 12

So I recently acquired a Logitech G920 which I wanted to use with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) and also some other racing titles however, as some of you may know, gaming on macOS and Linux is quite limited. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun on your productivity machine!

It took quite a bit of investigation to get this working as I found that macOS 12 didn’t support the wheel out of the box with ETS2 or even with Parallels VM (using Windows 11 as a VM). That being said, I did some further testing and managed to get the wheel to work natively — here’s how!

Kudos to Feral Interactive

Firstly, you need to get a game that has been ported by Feral Interactive from Steam — here are a few examples:

  • F1 2017
  • Dirt Rally
  • Dirt 4

Now you’re probably thinking, how do you get trucking on a Mac with racing games! As funny as this may sound, the solution is to first load either of those games as they come with an initialisation screen that automatically detects the wheel — you will notice the wheel will go lock-to-lock, that is when I had my “aha” moment!

Most of the aforementioned games set the wheel to 300-350 degrees of steering lock so for ETS2, I recommend changing this to the full 900 degrees for a solid trucking experience!

You do not even have to launch the F1/Dirt game, just the setup screen is enough to preload the driver and you can then fire up ETS2 and enjoy!

F1 2017 launcher allows you to set the wheel operating range. I personally use Dirt 4 as I like to go for a drive at Finland before I go trucking šŸ˜›

The settings I use

Here are some of the settings I use in the “Controller” section with my G920. For any button bindings, this is all personal preference as I assume everyone will have a layout they prefer.

FFB doesn’t work

Unfortunately, I could not get FFB (Force Feedback) to work with ETS2 however, it’s not a major issue for me as all I wanted to do was use my wheel and H-shifter for driving around. Keyboard and mouse is fun and it is how I have been doing it for years however, having a wheel is a much nicer experience — especially rowing through those gears with the Logitech H Shifter! That being said, FFB does work with F1 2017 and Dirt Rally perfectly!


I’m very happy with the outcome as I don’t need a console anymore and I can go trucking in my favourite simulator on my comfy Apple M1 Mac. I would love to have Feral Interactive collaborate with ETS2 to get the G920/G29/G923 working seamlessly on Mac with FFB — one can only hope. šŸ™‚

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  1. Freakyle Avatar

    Hi, after reading your article, I went and downloaded Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 from STEAM.
    The G920 does respond normally in the initialization window of the game, but in “Advanced” – “Gamepad and Steering Wheel Configuration” is grayed out and cannot be selected (no device and default).
    My system version is 12.3.1 (21E258) and the steering wheel is “G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel for Xbox One” like you.
    I don’t know what’s wrong, I tried to reboot many times. Do you have “Logitech G HUB” installed and do I need to uninstall this app?

    English is not my native language, so I may not be able to express myself well, so please forgive me.

    1. Hi Freakyle, unfortunately, the wheel has stopped working in ETS2 for me as well. I still use the wheel to play Dirt 4 and F1 2017 however, for some reason it does not work with ETS2/ATS anymore. The wheel is detected in ETS2/ATS however, it just doesn’t work anymore, I believe the issue is caused by a recent macOS update.

      What I can suggest doing is to wait for macOS 13 to be released as that will include native G920/G29/G923 support (see:

      It was fun while it lasted, but who knows, we may have ETS2 + FFB on macOS. I’ll be sure to create a follow-up article if I get my hands on macOS 13 public beta.

  2. Any update on this? The original trick of getting one of the other games started up no longer works.

    1. That’s strange, I’ve just tested it and when I launch DIRT 4/Rally, the wheel is detected and works as expected. I can then close DIRT and open up ETS2/ATS and it works fine there but there is no return-to-center function or FFB.

      What game are you testing it with?

      I would have hoped macOS Ventura would have given us proper wheel support but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It won’t even show up in Logitech G Hub or the macOS System Settings.

      I have a feeling that the drivers are not universal for the OS and it’s down the developers to implement wheel functionality for their games. This is why F1 2017, DIRT 4/Rally work perfectly with FFB but nothing else does.

      There is also hope in seeing GRID Legends which may also bring enhanced drivers/support for the Logitech wheels.

  3. Hello, I came across this post by accident. I have the same problem with the G29. It is recognized by the ETS 2 and ARTS, but it cannot be set up. I have already written to scs suprt for this. They gave me some suggestions for a solution. But I couldn’t get it to work. It’s weird, SCS didn’t say it couldn’t be done (Mac M1 with OS 13).
    I suspect it could be Steam. Since I also own Farming Simulator 22, I bought this directly from Giants. The Steam version is said to not work with the M1. With Giants, on the other hand, you get an M1 Native version.

    And in the FS 22, the G29 including the shifter works perfectly. Except for the FFB but I can live with that. šŸ˜‰

  4. Hi.

    Just wanted to report that using F1 2017 to configure the wheel worked for me today.

    Iā€™m using the Logitech G29 on macOS Sonoma M2.

    Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing the configuration you use in the game.

    Kind regards!

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