Blog transitioning to “”

For a long time, Tekbyte has been my place to share my thoughts and guides on various tech topics however, I have decided to make the transition to “” (also known as “”).

Back in the day, I originally started my blogging journey when I was a young kid with “” however, I then got “” and have been using it since as my portfolio as well as where I share my articles. However, as I am planning to take Tekbyte to the next level with my sole trader (strawman) name, “Berk Dogan”, I have decided


Tekbyte is a superb name and I will keep it going forward however, as a business, it is clashing with other local Australian businesses.

My app development journey is starting to become serious and because I sell apps as a sole trader, I have decided to utilise “”/”” as my main site for my personal portfolio but also continue my blog there and provide services (in the future).

You may have noticed that I have switched away from WordPress and started to use Squarespace and so far, it has been a pleasant change. While WordPress is more powerful, I wanted a set and forget implementation for my site and also use a provider that will take care of all the billing/invoicing aspects of my side-hustle.

What will happen to Tekbyte?

For now, Tekbyte will act as a mirror to “” and will stay active as there are a lot of guides that people refer to. I intend to convert Tekbyte into something special in the near future. 🙂

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